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  Omega ITES Solutions is an experienced,  professional administrative, IT, Telecom , Tower maintenance   and   back office   services  Provider Company located in Kolkata India. We are the preeminent supplier of outsourcing and offshore back office services including offline and online  Data Entry / Data Capture, CRM Data Entry Web Data Capture, Data Processing, Forms Processing, Survey Processing, Archives Processing, Data Conversion, eBook Conversion, Image / Photo Tagging, PDF Scanning Service, Translation . Server Support, Network Support,Onsite support,E- Governance 

  We have more than eight years of global experience and we are prepared to take on any project, no matter how complex or simple.  Our mission is to provide the best  back offices solutions  available in the market today. We approach every project and every client with dedicated attention, and we carefully analyze the needs of the client organization and provide a solution that is designed to meet client expectations and requirements in a timely, affordable fashion. You will not find another service provider that is more flexible or responsive! Our IT and ITES services are accurate and our team is professional and dedicated to achieving the best results.


  We believe that the Omega service portfolio  and team is the best in the     IT and ITES services outsourcing market. When you select an offshore outsourcing partner to help you achieve your goals, we hope you will consider our  experienced , accurate services and the factors that  differentiate  us in the global IT and ITES services market.


Welcome to our Data Processing world

   Data Entry

·    Business Data Entry

·    Content Management System (CMS) Data Entry

·    Data Input

·    Image Data Entry

·    Manual Data Entry

·    Medical and Insurance Claims Data Entry

·    Offshore Data Entry

·    Online and Offline Data Entry

·    Online Shopping Cart and Online Store DataEntry

·    Outsource Data Entry

·    Remote Desktop Server Data Entry


 Data Processing

·    Catalog Processing

·    Check Processing

·    Data Capture and Data Extraction

·    Data Mining and Data Cleansing

·    Data Processing

·    Image Processing and Word Processing

·    Survey Form Processing

  Data Conversion

·    Books Conversion

·    Catalog Conversion

·    Data Conversion (Word/PDF/XML/HTML)

·    Document Conversion

·    E-Books Conversion

·    Paper to PDF/MS-word/HTML Conversion

·    PDF Conversion

     Weband Internet Research


·    Email, Name and Address Research

·    Market and Legal Research

·    Products and Services Research

·    Searching Web Sites and Web Searches

·    Web Data Research


    Scanning and Indexing

·    Data Capture Services

·    Document Scanning and Indexing

·    OCR and ICR

·    OMR

  Forms Processing

·    Application Processing

·    Insurance Claim forms processing

·    Market Research Forms Processing

·    Membership and Enrollment Forms Processing

·    Mortgage and Loan Forms Processing

  Accounting and Bookkeeping

·    Accounts Payable

·    Accounts Receivable

·    Bank Reconciliation

·    Bookkeeping

·    General Ledger

·    Inventory Reconciliation

·    Invoice Entry

·    Payroll Processing

Welcome to our IT and Telecom services world

Put simply,   we take the hassle out of IT ...

 Our unique IT help and management service means we’r able to dramatically reduce your IT and technology costs and overheads.Furthermore, our inclusive service means we’re able to ease the headache,hassle and burden of managing your IT infrastructure and network. Enabling youto concentrate on doing what you do best; growing your business and making itprofitable.

Our IT help and management packages have been designed to suit all budgets, ranging from one off ad-hoc help to ongoing assistance from as little as INR 898 [per machine/device] per month.

Businesses typically waste thousands of pounds each year managing IT infrastructure themselves. There is another way, by using   our IT service to help manage part or all of your IT we believe we can deliver better service, cost efficiency and a measurable return on investment.

The Benefits

• Tangible IT cost reductions
• Help you optimise your IT spend and capability
• Get technology working for your business
• Frees up your time and removes the hassle
•  Use us to fill any IT knowledge gap
(i.e. an expert advice always on tap)